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SIF allows users not only send faxes and emails but also send text messages (up to 160 symbols) on any mobile phone and voice messages on regular/mobile phones in North America (using services of external providers). You don't need a voice recorder, type the message, it will be converted into voice message and delivered to a destination phone. This service (text-to-phone) is useful in the following situations: -make calls on phones from the places, where usage of mobile phones is not recommen ded/allowed (class rooms, courts, hospitals, libraries,….) -allow people with speaking problems send voice messages from PC or mobile PDA without a need to buy/use a separate device, such as "TextPhone" of BT. SIF also help users to save money on sending faxes outside your local area. You also may use SIF for remote printing of your memos/ideas when you are on the road. SIF3 allows you to create contact lists with thousands of e-mails, fax, phone numbers and to send personalized messages to people on your contact lists.

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